4129GREY Office

4129Grey Reklam Ajansı

The challenge was to accommodate an unusual merger. The merger of an established multinational advertising agency, GREY, with the local, enthusiastic and creative digital agency 41!29?. The digital and current states of mind would was to take over and create a new dynamic way of creating ads. The space was designed to follow this notion. It was to give an eclectic merger of a large group of creative people and giving them and energetic but subtle work canvas that was to allow the dynamic evolution of the space.

Accommodating all the current and more traditional needs of an agency, the space also had to allow the opportunity of expansion and flexibility of any future design methods and situations.

The current space was a U shaped, 2200 sqm of office area, located on a single floor. Much of it without natural light and with the need of seating 200+ people, the decision was made to create a large open office. The creative staff mainly working on large screens, were not fond of high levels of uncontrolled light therefore the open office space was placed in these areas without natural light so that an artificial and controllable lighting scenario could be in effect. The meeting rooms, which was considered as, ‘common working areas’, were placed near the windows as transparent boxes so that although unaffected from the sunlight, the workspaces could still have a visual connection to the outside.

Creating an open and flexible working area meant that the spaces could be free from hierarchy and everyone has a similar fair and equal environment. This was an important management statement from the contemporary thinking client.

In the center, a large common area was created to pull people in from different disciplines to a central get together zone, which consisted of a café, a small stand for conferences and a tech lab to push the boundaries of common digital media. In the heart of it all, a pod made up of polygons was placed. This is the thinking box and a hub for the idea of digital possibility that is represented by the coming together of polygonal shapes.

Design Team:
Hasan Çalışlar, Emre Erenler, Cem Kaptan, Burçe Karadağ, Beril Çiçek

Project Management:
Mechanical Project:
Pasifik Mühendislik
Electrical Project:
Enkom Mühendislik
Main Contractor:

Cemal Emden