Açı Elementary School

Aci Schools

Açı Primary School is situated on a narrow plot of land juxtaposed between apartment buildings and a line of two-storey houses in Etiler-Akatlar. The structure was initially constructed for another purpose, but was eventually demolished by the Municipality due to its unauthorized annexations. In order to design the underground, pillar-free gymnasium within the present layout, a nearly 22-meter gigantic beam has been implemented, from which the floors have been suspended.

With a view to emphasizing this dominant interior architectural element on the exterior of the building, the façades are covered with pyrophyllite glass panels, thus providing sunlight for the hallways. Originally outside the scope of the Ministry of Education’s program, units including a library, an auditorium, an indoor gum, an art room, a ballet room, as well as workshops and laboratories have been added to the building. Hence, the wide spaces in the basement are designed as the food court, the gym, the ballet room and a multi-purpose hall.

Design Team:
Emin Balkış, Elvan Çalışkan, Hande Pusat