Alacatı Port 14

Ayhan Mızrakçı

Located in İzmir Alaçatı, the project is the redesign of a touristic facility structure, the reinforced concrete structure of which had already been built, with a residential function. There are four blocks in total on the 25X120 m plot, the shorter side of which overlooks the sea view in the east. Two of these blocks feature three-storey buildings and the other two consist of detached, independent blocks. Set on the sloping land, the blocks are connected to one another by two open staircases and an open corridor system between them.

In the transition to residential function, fourteen residential units were placed in four blocks set on different elevations. To provide access to fresh air and outdoor space, steel balconies have been added to the units that do not have gardens or terrace. Mezzanine floors have been added to the top floors of the three-storey blocks, allowing the use of attic space. Circulation between the residential units located in four separate blocks is facilitated by annexes added to the existing open circulation system and the open spaces created between the blocks. An outdoor pool and common area have been added to the eastern part of the plot, which overlooks the Alaçatı Bay.

The use of pastel colors seen in the overall project has been continued in the balcony units, roofs and deep window frames. On the garden walls and ground floors of the building, natural stones of different textures were opted, and local vegetation such as olive trees, gulmohar trees and lavender were planted.

Design Ekibi:
Hasan Çalışlar, Kerem Erginoğlu, Barış Yüksel, Seda Duran, Elif Özüçağlıyan

Main Contractor:
Han Mimarlık
Mechanical Project:
Ural Mühendislik
Statical Project:
2e Design
Cemal Emden

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