Alternatif Bank

Alternatif Bank

Alternatif Bank is newly created when Abank became the subsidiary of Commercial Bank. As a part of this process, while creating the new corporate identity a new headquarter building became inevitable in addition to a brand-new logo and graphic chart. Alternatif Bank’s new headquarter’s aim became to gather the three office hubs into one location in Vadistanbul which is the current top trend real estate site of Istanbul with its green scenery, easy access and assembly of houses, offices and shopping mall on one site.
Our main goal was to create a new house for the Alternatif Bank family. We wanted employees who were coming from three different locations to share the same sense of belonging. At the very beginning of the project we did a workshop with the employees in order to understand their expectations. As a part of this workshop, particularly we tried to guess their understanding of comfort at an office space and collaterally the components that shape their private lives such as hobbies, choice of dress brands and car brands. As a result of this interactive workshop, we saw that the results were mostly conservative. However, in order to serve for the new young and dynamic identity of Alternatif Bank we lead them to more innovative office culture through design.

We were successful to create a common architectural identity on all the floors of the building except the executive floors. We managed to create zones for employees to gather, socialize, destress and enjoy their workspaces by giving importance to the design of social areas on each floor especially spreading out three main meeting zones throughout the headquarter building including cocktail zone on the 2nd floor, fitness zone on the 4th floor and a cafe zone with a terrace access on the 8th floor.
The last two upper floors, 12 th and 13th floors, are reserved for the executive team. The material and colour choices made for the executive floors both aim to reflect the young and dynamic corporate identity of Alternatif Bank and to set forth its welfare. On the other floors of the headquarter, the material and colour choices were kept simple. Moreover, large and comfortable open office spaces and access to natural daylight became the prominent design decisions. By remaining faithful to the waffle moulds of the building, spacious office zones with high ceilings were created. Especially by designing flexible areas on each floor; we aimed to give opportunities to accommodate the office spaces for the future needs of the employees.
Visible from the highway and being one of the most prominent buildings in this new district, Alternatif Bank is proud to present its new commercial identity. We are sure that with this new headquarter building, which is comprised of proper office spaces and social areas, and serving for the young and dynamic corporate identity of the bank, the employees will be proud and more happy to work under the wings of Alternatif Bank.

Design Team:
Romain Cadoux, Natali Koçyan Gazeroğlu, Sezen Bilge, Yasemin Hacıkura, Duygu Uzunalı, Aslı Germirli, Ezgi Mete

Mechanical Project:
MEP Mühendislik
Electrical Project:
ENKOM Mühendislik
Interior Design:
Erginoğlu Çalışlar Mimarlık
Main Contractor:
Oğuz Bayazıt Mimarlık

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