Dream Games

Dream Games

Dream Games is a mobile game developer company founded in 2019. The rapidly growing company seeks to transform their newly rented workspace of four floors into an office in which they can meet the new demands of their company. The project aims to transform this space into a simple, dynamic, up-to-date, innovative, lively and creatively-designed workspace that reflects the identity of the game company.

The Dream Games team decided to use two of the four floors as a workspace to accommodate game development teams. Of the remaining two, one floor dedicated to common units and one is envisaged as the social floor. In addition to the open office areas, it also includes large, medium and small meeting areas, an in-office social area, and a kitchenette. The common floor is where the main entrance of the four floors is located. It is designed to accommodate marketing, finance, and technology teams working in a linear desk arrangement and also features spare desks due to the expected increase in the number of teams.

The dining hall and kitchen of the office are located on the social floor, which also meets the need for rest and socialization. Another important space on the social floor is the movie theater. A comfortable space has been designed to seat 32 spectators at once.

The first issue to be resolved in the project was the decision concerning the mechanical system. By changing the existing mechanical system, homogeneous ventilation and air conditioning solutions were applied on all floors. Through this system, the formerly obsolete front parts of the façades in open office areas and social areas were also put to use.Following deliberations with the client, instead of confining the manager-employee hierarchy to compartmentalized rooms, areas in which all units work together were designed per the demands of the new world.

In the project, the design of custom-made products and the necessary research for the creation of a simple and innovative interior constituted a priority. In this context, in line with the company’s working system and special needs, desks were designed specifically for the project and floor plans were shaped accordingly. This design provides rapid circulation for the team within the scrum table group and allows team members to remain in active communication without being hampered by table legs. In addition to the form and leg design, the outer shell of the table, panel heights and angles are shaped in line with the working habits and needs of users.

A shell has been formed around the core of the building, which includes small meeting rooms, spaces such as the kitchenette and storage areas. Medium and large meeting rooms are located at the corners of the square area, allowing floors surrounded by a view of Istanbul on all four sides to interact with the city. The circulation between the floors has been resolved in social areas and the entrance area. Hence, interaction between the teams in the social areas during circulation has been increased. The simple, clear and dynamic approach in planning also is also reflected in the design in material and surface decisions.
A design has been made for a growing, young, innovative mobile game company to best fit its identity, use the existing space as defined/clearly as possible, and make room for flexibility. Providing a democratic and creative working space has guided the design as one of the main objectives of the project. An office environment has been thus created to allow the entire staff to work together; surrounded by strong social areas, the new office space thus increases productivity and enriches the working culture with the added fittings and accessories.

Design Team:
Kerem Erginoğlu, Hasan Çalışlar, Sezen Bilge, Umut Atlı, Dilara Demiralp, Sena Ünal, Cansın Yılmaz

Project Management:
SPM Proje Yönetimi
Statical Project:
Balkar Engineering
Mechanical Project:
Electrical Project:
Enkom Engineering
Prime Contractor:
Jeyan Ülkü Mimarlık
Interior Designer:
Erginoğlu & Çalışlar
Lighting Consultant:
NA Lightstyle
Cemal Emden