Cem Ortabaş

Creating application software services for iOS and Android-based operating systems of mobile devices, HubX office project is the culmination of an interior design of a 740 m² area in the Izmir Mistral office building. In addition to work areas that foster an environment of intense concentration for employees of the software sector, the overall design features social areas, integrated into the café, in different zones where they can relax, enjoy some recreational time, and hold presentations.

The social zone is intentionally directed at the scenery to provide the same vista for all employees. Administrative and meeting areas are included in the zoning as indoor spaces and are connected to each other through buffer points between work areas and social areas. The digital mission of the company is emphasized at the entrance and creates a junction that connects the work areas on one side to the social areas on the other. Demands such as ping-pong, Play Station, and massage areas have been resolved in the social zone. In line with the office’s growth plans, encounter areas are created with a view to facilitating dialogue between new employees and existing ones. Per the company’s brief, a limited range of products with neutral colors and clear lines have been opted.

Desk groups are designed according to the work habits of the teams. Instead of workstations of two or four, U-shaped tables for a cluster of five employees have been designed. In order to facilitate concentration, work spaces are positioned at the center, whereas the building perimeter is allocated to circulation. While circulation is located between workstations in conventional offices, the positioning of circulation on the perimeter in this particular office will certainly help maintain the level of concentration needed.

Updated instantaneously, the digital flow screen is placed at the office entrance. This, in particular, was demanded by the client as a reflection of the office’s digital character. Although digital works are included in classical offices, it is rare to encounter amenities that reflect instant data such as this one.

Design Team:
Kerem Erginoğlu, Hasan Çalışlar, Emre Cestel, Natali Gazeroğlu, Pınar Kılıç, Kübra Göç Dere, Bahar Çetinkaya, Elif Sakacı

Mechanical Project:
Matesis Engineering
Electrical Project:
Miray İnşaat
Lighting Consultant:
Proje Aydınlatma
Main Contractor:
Miray İnşaat
Interior Designer:
Erginoğlu & Çalışlar
Cemal Emden

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