Istanbul Şehir Uni. Masterplan

İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi

İstanbul Şehir University Campus project started when Cevizli Tekel Tobacco Factory Complex built around 1950 had lost its function and been assigned to the university around 2013.
The plot covers an area of 295.000m². There are existing buildings registered by Cultural And Natural Heritage Preservation Board for carrying the characteristics of the industrial period. These buildings are the Tekel Tobacca Leaves Warehouses, Cooling Tower and Steam Generating Plant.
The general program of the masterplan includes social areas, education areas, dormitories and sports buildings.

The most important criteria in the making the general decisions for the campus planning are; strengthening the perception of significant structures by preserving the industrial heritage, increasing the university’s visibility from the coast and building foundations for a strong, interactive relationship with the city.
The interaction between the peripheral urban fabric and the site, space-void ratios and green areas have been studied. The location of the campus, proximity to vital coastal strip and the principal for establishing an interactive relationship with the surrounding have led to an open campus policy.
The registered buildings are emphasized in the masterplan layout with high visibility and plaza designs.
The Masterplan is comprised of layers of privacy. The Northern part, serving the more private buildings and gradually reaching the south coastal strip, serving the more public areas and buildings.

Masterplan Program;
Social areas; Student Center, Cafeteria, Conference Building, Exhibition Hall, Canopy, Public Square, Museum Square, Conference Square, University Square
Education Areas; Education Blocks, Administrive Blocks and Education Square
Dormitories; Female Dormitory, Male dormitory and dormitory Square
Sports Areas; Student Sports and Social Center, Indoor Sports Hall and Open Sports Areas
Total Constuction Area 227,395 m² : Social Areas Construction Area 42,105 m², Education Areas Construction Area 122,155 m², Dormitories Construction Area 50,250 m² + 12,885 m²

Design Team:
Barış Yüksel, Emre Cestel, Zeynep Şankaynağı, İdil Yücel, Arın Tanrıkulu, Zeynep Oba, Fatih Kariptaş, Yasemin Hacıkura, Filiz Şahin, Özge Üstündağ

3D Rendering:
Artı Eksi Sıfır Mimarlık ve Görselleştirme