Mesa Çamlıca Housing

Mesa Mesken Sanayi

Çamlıca Mesa Housing project was shaped by the idea of the reinterpretation of the traditional Turkish house in a contemporary architectural language. The project was thus created by through the most efficient use of the property and the relationship its users will establish with their surroundings.

Catering to all the demands of urban life and coupling details of daily life with utmost comfort, the project took into consideration urban challenges such as transportation and population density. The maximization of common green spaces, the increase in the number of shaded areas, and the development of social infrastructure were among the objectives of the project.

Providing access to the outside world, the wide windows and balconies lend the houses a comfortable and natural scale. The acoustic comfort of the houses, proper air conditioning, and lighting designs stand out as distinctive features of the project. Designed in light of the simple and clean lines of traditional Turkish architecture, the houses thus comply with real-life parameters such as the demands of daily life, a new understanding of comfort, and the conditions of the region in which they are located.

Design Team:
Barış Yüksel, Tayfun Aksoy, Romain Cadoux, Onat Över, Natali Gazeroğlu

Construction Coordinator:
Mesa Mesken Sanayi
Statical Project:
Modern Mühendislik
Mechanical Project:
Beta Teknik
Electrical Project:
HB Elektrik
3D Rendering:
Artı Eksi Sıfır Mimarlık ve Görselleştirme
Cemal Emden

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