Istanbul Şehir Uni. Edu. Blocks

İstanbul Şehir University

The most important criteria in the making the general decisions for the campus planning are; strengthening the perception of significant structures by preserving the industrial heritage and increasing the university’s visibility from the coast. In that respect the project initiated with the principle of bringing forth the certified structures and increasing their visibility.
The educational blocks used to be The Tobacco Warehouses, a part of the Tekel Complex for manufacture of tobacco products. The design dates back to 1957 and started to function in 1969. The Warehouses consist of 7 consecutive blocks, all separated by a long courtyard inbetween.

The Tobacco Warehouses were registered by the Cultural And Natural Heritage Preservation Board for carrying the characteristics of the industrial period.
When the complex ceased to function as a factory, all the buildings including the warehouses has lost their purpose. The whole complex area has been assigned to İstanbul Şehir University and the warehouses are given the function of education blocks.

The poor condition of the structural system of the blocks, nonreliability of the structural system according to the current Earthquake Building Regulations and a level height of 3 m to avoid light in the warehouses, all led to the decision that the building, in its current condition, is not suitable for educational use. The Cultural And Natural Heritage Preservation Board has decided that the building is not in condition to be restored, so the buildings are planned to be reconstructed in its original dimensions. The height of the building is preserved, but the building is designed with 4 floors instead of the original 5 floors to obtain higher ceiling levels.
Polished waffle slabs, exposed concrete ceilings, slim steel window frames and steel stairs are designed in the interior to revive the industrial spirit of the Tekel Tobacco Warehouses.
The classrooms are located along the east facade for a more productive light for the classrooms. On the west facade the floors are retracted from the facade to form a gallery. The floors are connected by steel construction stairs placed in the gallery.

Design Team:
Fatih Kariptaş, Barış Yüksel, Arın Tanrıkulu, Onat Över, Yasemin Hacıkura, Filiz Şahin, İdil Yücel, Özge Üstündağ

Statical Project:
Parlar Mühendislik
Mechanical Project:
EKO Mühendislik
Electrical Project:
Megapol Mühendislik
3D Rendering:
Artı Eksi Sıfır Mimarlık ve Görselleştirme