Villa X

South Russia

Thanks to this maritime environment, this housing project has specially been designed to enjoy the sea view, outdoor spaces and its private beach.
In order to get benefits of the land, its best part, along the beach, is hosting the most luxurious property with the Beach Villa, within a full sea view and beach access. The upper part hosts the Upper Villa, which is more opened on its own large garden, but still orientated to the sea.

The Beach Villa, clearly opened to the sea side, has its internal organisation based on a parallel line towards the beach. Its main façade, facing the sea, is all glazed. Custom made frames have been installed in order to resist to the strong winds that are breathing all around the year in this area (up to 150km/h). Its back façade, visible from the Upper Villa, is more closed to keep privacy. Beside the main house, this property is also containing a Guest House, an outdoor pool with its Pool House, a Beach Cabana and a small annex.

The Upper Villa is more compact, to fit on the band between the road and the Beach Villa. The difference of height between the entrance of the plot and the sea level, allows us to get benefit of the sea view from the 1st floor. The ground-floor is then organised around the garden, on 4 sides of the villa. The large program required, and the soil’s specifications, did imply to create here 2 basement floors. The first one is used mainly for entertainment and sport, with an indoor swimming pool. Natural light has been brought through an inner garden, inside the villa. The 2nd basement has only a technical use. This villa is also including an underground carpark and an outdoor pool with its own Pool House.
The whole housing complex is aimed at getting a pleasant family life all year long.

Design Team:
Romain Cadoux, Filiz Şahin, Onat Över, Ayça Taylan, Barış Yüksel, Quentin Gaucher, Yasemin Hacıkura, Işık Süngü

Structural Project:
Modern Mühendislik
Mechanical Project:
Eko Tasarım
Electrical Project:
Tasarım Proje
Lightning Consultant:
Maurice Brill Lighting Design / Lighting Design International
Facade Consultant:
CWG Consulting
Landscape Designer:
Scape Design
Interior Designer:
HBA London / Todhunter Earle
3D Rendering:
Artı Eksi Sıfır Mimarlık
Cemal Emden