Ağaçkakan Headquarters

Starting Date

Agackakan Media&Communication Administration Center has been begun to be projected in the fall of 1994 and concluded by the end of 1996.
The building includes digital press (pre-press preparation) and studios in the basement floors as well as the office function above the ground floors. The cafeteria has been placed individually at the rear part of the land in relationship with the basement floors. The mechanical units are on the 4th basement floor and the core.
The main concept of the design has come outfrom the dimensions given by the municipality and also the desire for a roof in a finished form. The different functions of the floors have been displayed with the distinctions in the choice of the facing material.

The stairs have been constructed in steel both to provide daylight and the efficiency of usage. A transparent elevation has been formed using iron joinery. The stair landing has been diversed from this elevation while the circular ventilation pipes have desperately been displayed. It has been tried to be provided how the production function taking place under the ground and the management functions being indicated together. In the ground floors and the ones above that, electricity&ventilation pipes have been hided under the floor by using raised floor system. The consoles of the building have been designed so as to cover ventilation function.
In the first basement floor, light is let in with the help of areaways. The area below the cafeteria has been emptied and taken to the first floor level so as to form a relationship between the carpark on the ground floor and the rear garden.
Together with the sensitive manner of the client in the quality of the work and the fact that the architects have been able to show a successful performance during the building controlling period, have made it possible to exactly construct the design. This experience has again showed the importance and the role of architects throughout the construction period.

Design Team:
Tarık Erdoğan

Construction Coordinator:
Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Mimarlık
Statical Project:
Balkar Mühendislik
Mechanical Project:
Aydın Acemi
General Contractor:
4U İnşaat

Ali Bekman