Budget Hotel Pomegranate

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Situated on Yusif Seferov Avenue, one the the busiest and most important avenues of Baku, Budget Hotel is built on a narrow plot that lies at the point of entry into the city center after passing Heydar Aliyev Culture Center.

Creating an outstanding design was one of the important criteria due to the building’s location at the entrance of the city. Therefore, the hotel is conceived as two separate blocks on a long and narrow property connected with a mass below. Wedding ceremonies are an integral part of the traditional culture of Azerbaijan. The ballroom of the hotel is thus located on the lower showroom mass and is designed as a mini “convention hall” that has both a terrace and itw own outdoor space created by a courtyard.

The entrances of this area are resolved separately from the hotel entrance. In creating the façade, the design principle is based on facing the sea on once side and Heydar Aliyev Culture Center on the other. The façade is inspired by a pomegranate, which holds a significant place in Azerbaijani culture. The presence of numerous, almost identical rooms set on different geometries on the same unit.

Design Team:
Onat Över, Emre Cestel, Melike Atay

3D Rendering:
Artı Eksi Sıfır Mimarlık ve Görselleştirme