Dikmen Housing

Starting Date

The project was designed for an invited competition that foresaw the construction of a 500-unit housing settlement located in the south of Ankara’s Dikmen valley, at a high point visible from other parts of town. The settlement was envisaged as a natural bridge between the reforested terrain of the valley in transformation and the plateaus in its south. Merging with the greenery of the valley, the urban villas end with a tower that responds to the rich design program.
The tripodal tower is comprised of a lower block that renders scale to the villas, a tall block with a digital façade that faces Ankara, and a mid-height block with a green façade that overlooks the southern plateaus.

Design Team:
Arın Tanrıkulu, Ali Onat Türker, Pierce Reynoldson, Yasemin Karabulut, Ayça Taylan