Flagport Masterplan

Baku Municipality
Starting Date

One end of the Absheron bay is surrounded by oil filing stations, refineries and a harbor, while the other a small shipyard and an adjacent abandoned power generator. The revitalization of this area involves changing the functions of these two areas and creating a public green space that will act as a magnet and joining these areas. The old power station was restored and used as an important element in the landscape.

The surrounding coastline of the bay was designed with mixed-use buildings. Streets and courtyards have been created taking Baku’s wind and climate into consideration.Amusement park, arboretum, concert venue have been integrated to the project to attract people as well as other attractions such as a kitchen, photography, music, painting, ceramic workshops and a giant pergola to house an open market have been planned.

Design Team:
Fatih Kariptaş, Zeynep Şankaynağı, İdil Yücel, Zeynep Melike Atay

3D Rendering:
Artı Eksi Sıfır Mimarlık ve Görselleştirme