ITU Magosa Campus

Istanbul Technical University
Starting Date
University Campus

The campus so far has been described as the combination of building strips, grass courts and historic buildings. Our last element is the position of 5 cubic buildings distributed in an informal way across the building strip. The overview of the 5 cubes will give an identity to the campus from outside while be useful as way to navigate between the different schools and faculties. The cubes also take advantage of the proximity of the sea and the walled city, contributing to engage the campus further in the city life and urban profile.

The cubes role is to accommodate program which is either too specific or by default outside the subtle dimensions of both the low building strips or the historic buildings. In this sense we propose to use this specificity of each cube to give the campus more diversity. Formal wise the cubes appear to sit gently on top of the building strips with the extension of specific columns that look for proper places to land.

Design Team:
In collaboration with IND.

3D Rendering: