İYİG Office

Starting Date

Interior design planning of Istanbul Yiyecek Icecek Grubu (IYIG) Headquarters: The project is covering a total of 1000 square meters area, located in Maslak as a 7-storey building, as the -1st and -2nd floors being food/beverage preparation areas, 2nd and 3rd floors being office areas and the 4th floor (attic) being the conference and dining area.
IYIG Headquarters is designed as an office building that a dynamic leader in its industry and gathering the “Good Food” concept in Turkey under a single roof should be able to possess. As a company active in the gastronomic industry whilst having a corporate identity, it was inevitable that its headquarters integrate food and corporate works within and therefore, the food/beverage preparation areas, kitchens and corporate working spaces and meeting rooms have all been gathered under a single roof.

In order to maintain the integrity and continuance of the workflow within the building and to “unite the corporate with the kitchen”, a circular stair has been built that elevates up to the full 7 storeys between the office and kitchen areas. This structure that is visible begging from the main entrance to the office has been strengthened and became more visual with mirrors and lighting components installed vertically. In this modern and dynamic office, one of the main design ideas was to create an open office and for that reason, transparent separators have been used in certain spaces that needed to be separated to emphasize on the transmittance.

Also, within the scope of the same design idea, open kitchens were placed in office areas to maintain the interaction between the different teams in the office. On the other hand, the dynamic use of mirrors and gradient color transitioned separators in certain areas such as the reception areas in upper floors gives an accelerating effect to the office to reflect its high tempo. The dynamic spirit of the office is also further reflected by the use of concrete as a floor material. For the TV shows of the company, a show kitchen is placed in the main office floor.
This project is not only a simple company headquarters, but an all-round living area and an example of the modern working standards where people could create new cooking recipes and at the same time, meetings with advertising agencies could be held, while live TV shows are being shot and the employees going up to the roof top to catch some fresh air.

Design Team:
Emre Erenler, Onat Över, Beril Çiçek, Cansu Bulduk, Gülin Keskin

Construction Coordinator:
Emre Erenler, Beril Çiçek
Statical Project:
Modern Mühendislik
Mechanical Project:
MEP Mühendislik
Electrical Project:
Enkom Mühendislik
General Contractor:
Ata Mimarlık
Cemal Emden