Khojahasan University

Azerbaijan Ministry of Education
Starting Date

The goal is to establish a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, and stand-alone “University of Education,” which will graduate the K12 teachers of the future, who in turn will transform education in the country, and consequently transform the country.
In order to reduce construction costs and retain the best relation between the university blocks, the project is conceived around the existing plateaus of the site topography. The project site covers 500,000 m2 of land on the 2,000,000 m2 terrain, with two main access points.

The first entrance is up the road at the north side of the site and faces the Moscow State University, contributing to the creation of an attractor point and a link between the two educational projects.
The second entrance is located on Bakı Dairevi Yolu, on the East side of the site. This entrance allows the welcoming of visitors of the university complex, taking them to the various more public functions of the university such as the sports facilities, the pool, the theater, etc.
The educational facilities and accommodation facilities (evening / night use) are in proximity, all the while retaining the individual nature of both programs.
The project is first structured around a large common space situated on the higher plateau reached by the North entrance. It is composed of the administrative services, the rector accommodation, the large auditorium and food / retail services. This space becomes the first “plaza”, the main image, face of the university, which can host various activities and events around a distinguished and prestigious landscaped square.

The second part of the project originates from the first plaza, down an open-air amphitheater. An open, pedestrian public space acts as the backbone of the university. This “esplanade” creates an avenue effect for the daily usage of the University. This esplanade is double oriented.
Its lateral direction connects the educational facilities and accommodation facilities. It is extended into the accommodation blocks, in a natural continuation, by sunk-in gardens. These gardens were lowered to bring natural light to the maximum of the building floors of the university, transforming the basement floors into usable and comfortable spaces. These basement floors had to be included and are required in order to sit the foundations of the buildings of the university, according to the results of the geological studies.

Its longitudinal direction is structured by three elements. The first is the amphitheater that links the esplanade to the upper plaza. The second is the entrance and building of the Student Center, and its singular architecture. This urban element contributes to creating a public space within the esplanade. Last, the swimming pool, anchors the south part of the esplanade. It splits the space and directs the users towards the University’s extension to the west, or down to the lower plateau towards the Sports Facilities.

Design Team:
Quentin Gaucher, Selin Erdemirci

3D Rendering:
Artı Eksi Sıfır Mimarlık ve Görselleştirme