Koç High School Swimming Pool

Starting Date

Considerably distant from the city center, the Koç School sprawled across its property without a master plan over time and thus was faced with the consequences of this expansion. Envisaged as the focal point of the campus, the pool building is designed as a pacesetter for the quality of future buildings and thus strives to contribute towards the architectural development of the campus.

As the first building to be perceived from the new entrance axis of the campus, the building also neighbors the existing outdoor sports areas. In order not to compete with the surrounding buildings in terms of height, the pool building is partly embedded in the ground and is connected to the landscape on all four sides with a green, sloped roof. While the inverted dome attached to the dome structure offers a green tribune area to the outdoor sports areas, it is simultaneously perceived as an art object that strengthens the landscape with its reflective exterior.

Design Team:
In collaboration with Arman Akdoğan.

3D Rendering: