Koton Mağazacılık
Starting Date

Koton Headquarters project aims to convert a 9 storey existing storage building into an office space by changing the interior layout. Kotons young and dynamic structure have been interpreted with the buildings heavy concrete form reflecting a ‘’fun-modern’’ office concept that was created.

Because Koton create their own models within the office, there was a need for designing the open office space also as an atelier. It was requested that each floor had seperate sewing stations minimizing the inner office circulation. Placing the procurment meeting rooms on the ground floor that are busy during the day, the central courtyard, which is a place that brings all the staff together, have been placed on the ground floor and has a 3 dimensional connection to all the levels.

Projects focal point was taking advantage vertically and horizontally and designing the 35 metre high and 1000 sqm of central courtyard as a social and working space. In order to get sunlight into this space, a 750 sqm of roof sunlight was opened and to control this sunlight, motorized blinds was proposed. To keep the relationship between the work space and the courtyard, seperators were not used.

Acoustic panels and sound absorbers were used to minimize the undesired spatial interactions between the space. Another focal point of the project was to clad the building with flexi-brick that referenced the identity of Koton creating an area of balconies and space, between brick cladding and the existing facade.

Design Team:
Emre Erenler, Yasemin Hacıkura, Natali Gazeroğlu, İdil Yücel, Duygu Uzunalı, Ülkücan Turhan Akgün, Selin Erdemirci, Burçe Karadağ, Onat Över, Beril Çiçek

Project Management:
Sigma Mühendislik
Statical Project:
Sigma Mühendislik
Mechanical Project:
Doreng Mühendislik
Electrical Project:
Atlantis Proje

3D Rendering:
Artı Eksi Sıfır Mimarlık ve Görselleştirme