UAA Conference Hall

SEV Foundation
Starting Date

Huntington Hall of Üsküdar American Academy, which was originally built in 1958 to house the administrative offices and the auditorium, was structurally consolidated and enlarged in accordance with the needs as defined in 2000. To increase the capacity of the auditorium as intended, annexes to the front and the back of the existing structure were designed to create additional space for a large foyer and backstage. The overhang on the entrance façade was replaced with a new oriel on the upper floor as an extension to the foyer.

The original façade proportions were kept as much as possible, and familiar openings were repeated in order to safeguard the ‘façade of many memories’, much treasured by the alumni. The second annex, which also houses the added sophito, was designed in contemporary vocabulary, easing the crammed setting of existing buildings. The eaves level was a definitive reference relating the new structure to the old; however, the new concrete structure was expressed as a frame on the facade.

Design Team:
Mete Sönmez, Emin Balkış, Elvan Çalışkan, Armağan Ekiz, Başak Çolakoğlu, Berke Hatipoğlu

Construction Coordinator:
Özgün İnşaat
Statical Project:
TEM Mühendislik
Mechanical Project:
Salim Evyapan
Electrical Project:
İsmail Metinöz
3D Rendering:
Berke Hatipoğlu
Ali Bekman