Uğur College

Ugur College
Starting Date

Coupled with the requested layout, the school’s unfavorable location on the busy E-5 highway resulted in an unusual building height. The primary and secondary school units, as well as the administrative blocks were separated from one other, whereas areas of common use such as the gym, the swimming pool and the auditorium were built underground, allowing the school to function as a complete unit.

Exposed to strong sunlight from the west, the E-5 façade thus features closed recess halls; the straight, single-rail traversing the building serves as a secondary filter from the sun. With a view to rendering a pleasant appeal to the school, particularly for younger students, the façades of the building are covered with a combination of pressed brick and aluminium.

Design Team:
Tarık Erdoğan, Erincik Edgü, Çilem Ülgen

Construction Coordinator:
4U İnşaat
Statical Project:
İsmail Akyıldız
Mechanical Project:
Detay Mühendisik
Electrical Project:
Detay Mühendisik

Ali Bekman